I have wave.

So I've finally got into Google Wave, and I'm not going to comment on it.

Yes, really. It's a very early version. The top left badge says "preview", although I think it should probably say "beta". I'm guessing it will say beta for the next five years though, this being a Google product.

I'm not going to comment, because it's such an early version. That and I haven't quite worked out exactly what it will be useful for. I'm going to stick with my initial views, from when I saw the preview video, which is that the primary market/usage for wave will be corporate, in a collaboration style.

Gripe of the day (and I'm going to avoid the umbrellas today, it was a good walk home, only smacked in the face four times) goes to the Royal Mail. When you can't deliver a special delivery item because we're out at work, it would be nice if you actually bothered to put the "while you were out" card through the door. Because when we ring the company who posted item to us, it makes us look like tits when we ring up to complain about missing things, and they say "they put a card through your door".

On the plus side, the ongoing strikes seem to have cost the posties the Amazon contract. Smart move, making your employer's business unreliable in the current economic climate ;-)