I think I may have doubled up on too much too soon today.

It's less then two weeks since I fell down some stairs and something in my ankle made a crack/snap type noise, and I went and did nearly an hour in the gym. After walking home from work. Yup, that's going to help the swelling...

The other one is Ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix beta. I don't know if it's because it's the 9.10 beta, or if I just don't like the netbook remix, but I don't like it. I'm going to give 9.04 netbook remix a try, and see how that feels. Otherwise I may just end up with a stock ubuntu; well, maybe one with a lightweight window manager, or something like crunchbang - who knows? That's the joy of FLOSS I guess :)

Couple of random links that I've come across today, the first one, a post at A List Apart, Discovering Magic by Glenn Jones. Don't go there if you're not interested in online identities, automatic discovery of said identities, social graphs, and javascript.

The other link is a story to wonder at, where Sainsbury's have apologised for one of their uppity members of deli counter staff refusing to serve mature cheddar to a pregnant woman. Story here on Auntie Beeb's website.

Is there really such a surplus of doctors these days that they're only able to find employment on supermarket deli counters?