I've finally done it, the windows habit is kicked!*

*Not strictly true, I still have VirtualBox running XP, so I can sync up my iPod Touch. But ignoring that...

XP is no more on my netbook. As I type this, the beta of the next version of Ubuntu is installing, specifically, the netbook remix. It's still pretty brown, but hopefully it'll be more fun than XP was.

Speaking of brown (leaves), it's now properly autumn, and it's started doing that raining thing when folks are walking to work, can I just say now, that there's a high chance I'll be having a good old whinge about umbrellas in the city sometime soon. And yes, I do hope that there's a special circle of hell reserved for those donkeys who use golf brollies on the already overcrowded city streets. Coat technology is amazing these days, there are even coats which are waterproof, which mean you don't need to blind those of us fortunate enough to be over six feet tall. Whoops, looks like soon is now ;-)

Chatting with someone just now reminded me of a blog that Stephen Fry posted recently, about people who have to divide the world up into two (LA/New York, Beatles/Rolling Stones, iphone/blackberry etc. ad infinitum). As you'd expect, Mr Fry puts it much more betterer than I ever could, so if you haven't already, go and read his Tale of Two Cities.

If you don't read the xkcd webcomics, then you are a fool. You'll miss out on joys such as today's:

(click through to visit the site, there's always more joke in the alt text)

At the risk of sounding even more of a geek than I already do, and just putting this here as much for my own bookmarking as anything else, this robtex.com/dns/ is a pretty decent online dns lookup thingy, which (and this is the bit that I like, generates some reasonably tasty graphs.

Just so that I can tag this post with the android tag, I'm going to publicly state that I'm looking forward to the new Android release, and not just because it's called donut (doughnut surely?). I would also like a way to sync up ebook page locations between stanza on the ipod touch, and wordplayer v3 on android. Automagically, and wirelessly, so whichever device I pick up, I can open the app, and just be at the correct place. We can dream...

One last thing; if you're a hotmail/windows live user, you might want to think about changing your passwords...