File today under geeky. And lazy. But most definitely geeky.

Began the day by watching the Japanese Grand Prix via iPlayer (it was pretty obvious that Button wasn't going to win the driver's championship this weekend, so I wasn't going to get up at 5), and then, as we don't have a downstairs to the flat at the moment, I watched the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) via the live online streaming on the ITV website.

Followed up later this evening by setting up a forum. It's only a simple one, and I've been stung in the past by phpBB, so I'm giving punBB a shot. This was the first site I'd set up on my server since changing it round so that it's running as an nginx instance serving all the static files, reverse proxying to apache to deal with the php and suchlike. Although I always knew it would, it's always a nice feeling when something like that "just works", and no, I wasn't surprised when I added the entry to my host file, entered the new site address, and it appeared before my eyes. Well, when the "you need to install/configure stuff" message appeared.

I've also learnt that the third generation iPod Touch really is a serious contender for the crown of best portable gaming device. I don't think it will win, due to it's lack of proper control buttons, but now that Sony have shot themselves in the foot with the PSP Go, I think the touch can push the Nintento DS/DSi. Having played the lite (aka demo) versions of both Assassin's Creed and The Secret of Monkey Island, I can confirm that there's a high chance I might be splashing out on one, or probably both, of these games.

See, file today under geeky.

And finally, I've realised that not only can I say that I've not really learned anything today, but I also don't even have any random links to share.

Like I said, file today under geeky and lazy.