Well that was an entertaining Japanese Grand Prix qualifying session, plenty of accidents, drama and penalties. I was contemplating getting up at 5AM for the race, but I reckon I might just iPlayer it later.

Today's little snippet of knowledge, is that on some Nokia mobile phones, the *#7780# factory reset code resets some settings like themes etc, but doesn't wipe the user data. For this, you need to use the factory reset code of *#7370#. Brilliant.

Something I've spotted on the web over the last couple of days, some fascist Labour blokey (John Cowan) who reckons that we should have some form of drinking/smoking license, which can get points and the like on it. The Devil puts it better than I could over at his kitchen, but I'd just like to add that if you think the idea of a drinking license is a good idea, then you should probably press stop on your iPod (other mp3 players are available). Then, when the "breathe in...breathe out..." instructional track is no longer there, you can do something useful by shuffling off this mortal coil.

And when you've had thought long enough about the idea that these people want to intrude into our lives even more, and you have a vague interest in I, the most recent b3ta.com QOTW on IT Support makes for some particularly entertaining reading. One random (not funny, but epically geeky) story that was linked to by someone was the tale of the emails which could be sent (just over) five hundred miles, but no further.