Even quicker one tonight (meh, it's Friday, I'm tired, and I want to get my sleep in so I can get up early on Sunday morning to watch Jenson Button win the F1 drivers championship, in the car that Honda sold, on the track that Honda own).

Couple of things I have learned today - Samsonite eye masks are made for people with tiny heads. I guess I can either put up with the much too high ambient light levels of my bedroom, or find some velcro and make an extra strap to go extend the existing one so the thing fits.

Mobile phone networks being allowed to lock handsets to them and them alone is a bad thing™. It means that people like O2 think that they own your device, even after a: your contract time is up, or b: you bought it on pay (through the nose) as you go, and thus it's yours, as you bought it outright.

I jumped ship from my PAYG iPhone on O2 to an HTC Hero on T-Mobile a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably type more shit about that in the future, but I'll just say now that a: they still think they own the device, and haven't released the new HTC ROM yet, which is noticably faster than the previous version, and crashes less, and b: the T-Mobile data network is far far superior to the O2 data network (in central London during the working week at least). I can actually get a data connection, it's faster than a modem that would be considered slow in 1994, and I don't have to disable 3G to actually make and receive calls. Which is nice. ;-)

Finally, talking of phones, it appears that there's an unofficial port of ScummVM for Android. Monkey Island on my phone? If you insist ;-)